The History of Our Club

Fifteen Members Charter & Start the Rotary Club of Brentwood

Originally published Friday April 1, 1949 in the Brentwood News

April 1, 1949 – Fifteen business men of Brentwood, Oakley and Byron took final steps at a noon luncheon Monday for the organization of a Rotary Club in Brentwood as a unit of Rotary International, world-wide  service organization.

Listed as charter members are William D. Dickey, Fred Abbott, James de Fernery, Jr, Mark E. Eisele, Wilfred H. Carpenter, Anders C. Anderson, Clair B. Cheseldine, Richard J. Wallace, Frank H. Vonder Ahe, and Stanley E. Nunn of Brentwood; C. C. Olney, Frank R. Shellenberger, Elmer E. Espercia and E. A. H. Prewett of Oakley and Fabin Richard, Jr, of Byron.

Officers had been elected at an earlier meeting with Olney as president, Dickey as secretary, and Wallace as treasurer.

Present at Monday’s meeting were Hal Forsey, president of the Concord club, and Henry Spiess, president of the Antioch club, the sponsoring clubs.  Also present as an interested advisor was Arthur Honegger, member of the Antioch Rotary club.  Organization of the Brentwood cub brings the number in the county to six with clubs already active in Antioch, Pittsburg, Concord, Martinez and Walnut Creek.  Truly international, Rotary has clubs in more than 6,500 cities and 80 countries.

President Olney explained that the Brentwood club will have the same general objectives as all Rotary clubs in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Islands of the Pacific – to foster and encourage the “Ideal of Service” as a basis of worthy enterprise.  “Rotary may be defined as a fellowship of some 315,000 business and professional executives throughout the world who are united in the ideal of service which is thoughtfulness and helpfulness to others: Olney stated.

“Members of Rotary clubs endeavor to exemplify their motto, Service Above Self, in all of the daily business, social and civic contacts by placing obligation to serve others before desire for profit for themselves.  A Rotary club selects its membership on the basis of once active member from each recognized business and profession in the community.:

The Rotary club of Brentwood will have regular weekly meetings at the Continental club at 12:15 each Monday.  As soon as it has been formally admitted to membership by Rotary International, it’s official Rotary charter will be delivered by Al Tisch, district governor at a special meeting which will be attended by Rotarians from many of the clubs in the Rotary district.


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Brentwood Rotary Club Past Presidents

** = president twice

(D) = deceased

1948-1949     Clyde Olney (D)

1949-1950     William Dickey

1950-1951     Mark Eisele (D)

1951-1952     H. Pappy Prewett )D)

1953-1954     Al Sales

1954-1955     Jim de Fremery (D)

195-1956       Del Sargetti (D)

1956-1957     Frank Vander Ahe

1957-1958     Robert White (D)

1958-1959     Galen Richardson (D)

1959-1960     Ray Sherman (D)

1960-1961     Floyd Brown (D)

1961-1962     George Perry

1962-1963     Dave Rogers ** (D)

1963-1964     Dave Rogers ** (D)

1964-1965     Dr. Charles Duffy

1965-1966     Homer Aldernan (D)

1966-1967     Warren Geddes

1967-1968     Jack Beyer **

1968-1969     Bill Braheny (D)

1969-1970     Lenny Beyer (D)

1970-1971     Ted Hanberg **

1971-1972     Homer Beasley ** (D)

1972-1973     Wayne Boulding

1973-1974     Dr. Paul Krey

1974-1975     Patrick McHenry

1975-1976     Paul Lamborn

1976-1977     Mike Adams

1977-1978     Lee Laird

1978-1979     Jack Beyer **

1979-1980     Ed Stack

1980-1981     Ted Hanberg **

1981-1982     Homer Beasley ** (D)

1982-1983     Wally Patridge

1983-1984     Joe Cunningham

1984-1985     Dave Blumen (D)

1985-1986     Bob Selders

1986-1987     George Nunn (D)

1987-1988     Bruce Ghiselli

1988-1989     Al Dias

1989-1990     Raymond Glosser

1990-1991     Dr. Richard Allen

1991-1992     Fr. Robert Ponciroli

1992-1993     Jim Lanter

1993-1994     Tim Bredbenner

1994-1995     Fred Stornetta (D)

1995-1996     Chris Becnel

1996-1997     Ron. M. Enos

1997-1998     John Mancuso

1998-1999     Dave Navarette

1999-2000     Rob Brandt

2000-2001     Dave Roche

2001-2002     Gene Clare

2002-2003     Don Werschem

2003-2004     Liz Silva

2004-2005     Kevin King

2005-2006     Greg Robinson

2006-2007     Mac Kaiser

2007-2008     Lisa Bass

2008-2009     Dirk Zeigler

2009-2010     Fred Ehler

2010-2011     Paul Kelly

2011-2012     Dave Wahl

2012-2013     John D. Fink

2013-2014     Mike Crosby

2014-2015     Steve Gursky

2015-2016     Roger Strauss

2016-2017     Olga Vidriales

2017-2018     Fran Bowman

2018-2019     Wesley Olson

2019-2020    Rich Inglis

2020-2021    Seana Fippin